The Revenant

from by Demisery

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Within these dismal walls. Unrest, vexation
Catacomb of souls, shapeless undulations
These sullen wraiths imprisoned in the ossuary
Long for escape into this world, spreading plague
Dark Mausoleum, a sepulcher of the damned
Burial chamber, necropolis of the dead
The vault has opened now. The seal has been broken
Unveiled by evil, the tomb erupts
With shades of darkness
From the city of the dead
Vigilant eidolon flee their coffin
Now free to hunt and feed
Upon the souls of living beings
The Revenant. Divination of the Eidolon
The sun dissolves, it's ashes turn the sky to gray
Parasitic, malignant phantom shades
They flood our eyes with visions of deceit
Our minds wither, our souls are breached
We try to stop it, clawing at our eyes
Phantasms raping us from inside
Subjugation, stolen noumenon.
Our quintessence, they feast upon
Sucking the life from our frames
Leaving us cold and soulless
Our inner thoughts are obtained
With darkness we're coalesced


from Hive of Mutation, released November 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Demisery Calgary, Alberta

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