Insurmountable Devastation

from by Demisery

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Descending, an ancient comet flaming
The cosmic garbage orbits
Collision course headed for the earth
Imminent disaster. Death coming from above us
Unknowing, and ignorant, humankind will end
Up in the sky overhead
Eclipsing the sun, casting a shadow
Nowhere to run from this wayward meteor
Stare as death approaches
Widespread panic, humans scatter like roaches
Trample each other, run!
Insurmountable Devastation, from above us.
Unforeseen obliteration, mass extinction
Fire! Stench of burning flesh upon the air.
New disease, born of rotting bodies.
Piled high, their bones could reach the sun
Infected population, there is nowhere to run
Carnage unending. Survivors are feeding
On corpses of loved ones, where insects are breeding
In madness of pain, this is no life (Solo: Gord)
The Earth cracks to its core, volcanoes bleed molten stone
What tiny trace of society remains, the lakes of fire engulf
The impact has disturbed our planetary course
The temperatures rise, and all life dies
As we spiral in towards the sun
We burn...


from Hive of Mutation, released November 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Demisery Calgary, Alberta

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