I, Warlord

from by Demisery

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Lusting for power, ruler of the land
Countless will die on the breath of my command;
"Slaughter defiance, exterminate filth
Conquer the weak, with the army I've built!"
Pillaging the land, with murder in my eyes
Raping, burning, decimating life
Bludgeon the hopeless. Shower in their tears
Dominate the world as they cower, in fear! WARLORD
Noble blood, man's the helm
Honor in war is the honor instilled
Stand upon the cowards, celebrate their loss
Heads become trophies - torn clean off
Scouring the land, seeking those who ran
End of my cudgel, is how you'll meet your end
I am supreme, conquering extreme
Born into power that men would only dream. WARLORD!
Your fate. My mace. Pummels your face.
Clubbing the life, out of your chest
Beaten to death! (Solo: Gord)
I stand over your body
Trail of thousands lay behind me (Solo: Keith)
Bludgeoned to death is my way (I, Warlord)
Miles of carcass in my wake (I, Warlord)
Brutal conquest I partake (I,Warlord)
I Temujin, reign supreme (I, Warlord)


from Hive of Mutation, released November 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Demisery Calgary, Alberta

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