Hive of Mutation

by Demisery

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Debut album from Demisery. Old-school inspired Death Metal from guitarists Keith Merrow & Gord Olson.


released November 14, 2011

All music & lyrics written by Gord Olson & Keith Merrow
© 2011 Demisery

Except "Flattening Of Emotions" - Written by C. Schuldiner and used with kind permission from MUTILATION MUSIC (BMI)



all rights reserved


Demisery Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Hive of Mutation

Nesting, this ancient creature gestates, viviparous spawning
Legacy of superior beings, sedulous matrotrophy
It lies in darkness, eons in maternity
Before Chicxulub, burrowed while it was conceived
Deep in it's womb, her younglings queue her visceral organs
As her pulse increases, vaginal muscles start contraction
Crowning in pain, the brood begins emergency
She begins to engender a colony of carnivorous
Creatures in the earth below are swarming,
Evolution calling, morphing, cave walls are crawling
Colony developing
Breeding, and rapid re-producing.
The hive is quickly surfacing
Creating fissures and infesting the ground below
It lies in darkness, advancing from its infancy
Hive of Mutation, will emerge from below
As the dominant species
The swarm lives to serve their hungry matriarch
The earth opens wide, and spews forth this abomination
The world is defenceless to this holocaust of carnage
Extinction of humanity, as we're pulled into the hive
Feeding the queen the supple humans!
Sustaining the Hive of Mutation (Solo: Keith)
Feeding the queen the supple humans!
Sustaining the Hive of Mutation (Solo: Gord)
Track Name: Vicious Stabbing

Subconscious bloodlust
This blade controls my life
Its thirsty for your fluids, this masochistic knife
I hunt you down in darkness
And strike you with the hilt
Render you unconscious, I begin to kill
A random victim, maniacally slain
There was no motive, because I am insane
Subconscious bloodlust, this blade controls my life
Thirsty for your fluids, this masochistic knife
Everything is crystal clear
Make the body disappear
Buried in the ground below
Nobody will ever know
Body rigormortified
Decomposing from inside
Ashes, ashes, dust to dust
Track Name: The Enlightener

I am borne up in the air, a vessel in the sky
I am but one of many taken.
We are as laboratory rats for experiments in pain
Kept alive for dissection
This must be a dream. This can't be happening
Tied down, it feels so real to me
Gagged and bound, no movement, no sound
I lie in terror and wait for the end to begin (Solo: Gord)
The creatures gather, revealing what they'll do with me
No words are spoken, but still I hear...
"You have been chosen, you should not fear
You are The Enlightener, your name will be revered!"
And while they gaze, robotic arms, each with blades
Rise up around me, and synchronized, begin their surgery
The Skin is peeled. Flesh is cut away
Organs removed, and placed before me
When will I die? They're keeping me alive!
This alien technology is cruel indeed...
I'm for dissection, kept alive for dissection
Track Name: I, Warlord

Lusting for power, ruler of the land
Countless will die on the breath of my command;
"Slaughter defiance, exterminate filth
Conquer the weak, with the army I've built!"
Pillaging the land, with murder in my eyes
Raping, burning, decimating life
Bludgeon the hopeless. Shower in their tears
Dominate the world as they cower, in fear! WARLORD
Noble blood, man's the helm
Honor in war is the honor instilled
Stand upon the cowards, celebrate their loss
Heads become trophies - torn clean off
Scouring the land, seeking those who ran
End of my cudgel, is how you'll meet your end
I am supreme, conquering extreme
Born into power that men would only dream. WARLORD!
Your fate. My mace. Pummels your face.
Clubbing the life, out of your chest
Beaten to death! (Solo: Gord)
I stand over your body
Trail of thousands lay behind me (Solo: Keith)
Bludgeoned to death is my way (I, Warlord)
Miles of carcass in my wake (I, Warlord)
Brutal conquest I partake (I,Warlord)
I Temujin, reign supreme (I, Warlord)
Track Name: Thralldom

Rise! Oh, legions of the world below
The time has come, you are summoned here again
Fallen Ones, bring your minions to infest the earth
Pernicious plagues of malevolent disease
Vile, baneful ubiquity
All consuming evil conquers harmony
Waves of flame, they cleanse the land
Burns away all covering
Winds rise, the embers are fanned
Mighty storm clouds hovering
New masters of men emerge- Reptilian demons
Humanity is enslaved, and all hope is quickly lost
As the powers of darkness converge
It seems the end is near
As the world becomes The Abyss
Permeating torment and fear
Disconsolate obedience (Solo: Keith)
Toil and torture without respite
Many plead for death, but denied their exit
Living is an unendurable employment
When the overlords bring down their whips
And split the skin
Rise! Oh, legions of the world below
Rend this earth
For all my endeavours have been for naught
For naught! (Solo: Gord)
Track Name: Within The Shadow

Sudden awareness. I've awakened disincarnate
No sensations in my limbs. Separation from the physical
Rise out of the human suit.
Motionless as a carcass I see myself
Am I dead? I look around
From this place, only shadow surrounds me
Lost in the astral plane, Lost in a world of grey
Moving through space as a particle of dust
Terror now grips me. I've lost sight of my body
Time loses meaning as I drift into the void
In a panic now, searching
Days are years, it seems an eternity
Silhouettes of familiar things appear, just beyond my reach
I am in the grip of madness
Hopelessly lost within the shadow
Consciousness upon a pinhead am I
Without life, without love
Without merciful end. (Solo: Keith) (Solo: Gord)
Drifting lost I'm a god of emptiness
Dead but alive in obscurity
Always unseen, I have become the ether
I am all, I am nothing, I am everywhere
Within the Shadow
Track Name: Insurmountable Devastation

Descending, an ancient comet flaming
The cosmic garbage orbits
Collision course headed for the earth
Imminent disaster. Death coming from above us
Unknowing, and ignorant, humankind will end
Up in the sky overhead
Eclipsing the sun, casting a shadow
Nowhere to run from this wayward meteor
Stare as death approaches
Widespread panic, humans scatter like roaches
Trample each other, run!
Insurmountable Devastation, from above us.
Unforeseen obliteration, mass extinction
Fire! Stench of burning flesh upon the air.
New disease, born of rotting bodies.
Piled high, their bones could reach the sun
Infected population, there is nowhere to run
Carnage unending. Survivors are feeding
On corpses of loved ones, where insects are breeding
In madness of pain, this is no life (Solo: Gord)
The Earth cracks to its core, volcanoes bleed molten stone
What tiny trace of society remains, the lakes of fire engulf
The impact has disturbed our planetary course
The temperatures rise, and all life dies
As we spiral in towards the sun
We burn...
Track Name: What You Have Become

Just look around you when it's over
The blood and severed flesh is everywhere
You feel as though it had possessed you
Into a living, killing nightmare.
What you have become is a MONSTER
No longer in control.
Alone and bathed in blood. What have you done?
A horrid blur of murderous ecstasy
An eerie calm now washes over.
You've been through this so many times before
What you have become is a MONSTER
No longer in control (of yourself)
You tell yourself that it's meant to be
It's a dirty job, but someone must perform
The work of god!
Track Name: The Revenant

Within these dismal walls. Unrest, vexation
Catacomb of souls, shapeless undulations
These sullen wraiths imprisoned in the ossuary
Long for escape into this world, spreading plague
Dark Mausoleum, a sepulcher of the damned
Burial chamber, necropolis of the dead
The vault has opened now. The seal has been broken
Unveiled by evil, the tomb erupts
With shades of darkness
From the city of the dead
Vigilant eidolon flee their coffin
Now free to hunt and feed
Upon the souls of living beings
The Revenant. Divination of the Eidolon
The sun dissolves, it's ashes turn the sky to gray
Parasitic, malignant phantom shades
They flood our eyes with visions of deceit
Our minds wither, our souls are breached
We try to stop it, clawing at our eyes
Phantasms raping us from inside
Subjugation, stolen noumenon.
Our quintessence, they feast upon
Sucking the life from our frames
Leaving us cold and soulless
Our inner thoughts are obtained
With darkness we're coalesced
Track Name: Flattening of Emotions (Death Cover)

(Solos: Gord)
Track Name: Whisper Thy Judgement

Eyes of god are piercing me again
I find myself defenseless from their stare
Leave me alone! You are not allowed in here
I will not give myself to you to be enslaved
Whisper to me over and again in my ear
I am but an insect to be crushed
This place, it was always so peaceful before you came
Now my world has expanded
To match the torment that you bring
Don't know what's real. I see so many terrible things
And it seems the eyes of god
Are punishing me (Solos: Keith)
Trapped within the blackness
This place I've come to know
Feel as if I'm dreaming, the silence floods my ears
Whispers sound like screaming
So loud I cannot breathe. Smothering my thoughts
The word of god is screaming!
His face is shrouded in locust, engulfed in flames
His legs are of mantis, with hooves of beast
And arms of four. This can't be real
Though I've done so many terrible things
Could it be that the eyes of god are beckoning me?
Arms of god they welcome me into his cold embrace
His talons pierce my skin.
"You are not alone, you are better off in here
Now you must give yourself to me, to be enslaved!"
Whisper to me a breath again in my ear
I am but an insect to be crushed (Solo: Gord)
Eternity of torture, endless suffering
Hands of god, defile me
Eternity of torture, endless suffering
Hands of god, becoming me
(Outro solo: Keith)